The Largest International EQA Scheme In The World

RIQAS is the biggest international EQA scheme in the world, used by more than 16,000 laboratories in 86 countries worldwide. This large number of participants makes RIQAS the best quality EQA scheme in the world and ensures an extensive database of results for many analytical methods directly increasing statistical validity as a result.

External Quality Assessment (EQA) is an essential aspect of any laboratory operation providing labs with a means of assessing their analytical performance compared to other laboratories utilizing the same methods and instruments.

The main functions include:

  • Maintaining and improving analytical quality.
  • Improving inter-laboratory agreement thus raising standards.
  • Detecting equipment failures, identifying reagent problems, reviewing staff training.
  • Initiating and evaluating corrective actions
  • Comparing different analytical methods

External Quality Assurance Services

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (www.bio-rad.com) is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of life science research products and clinical diagnostics. It is based in Hercules, California, and serves more than 70,000 research and industry customers worldwide through a network of more than 30 wholly owned subsidiary offices.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (AMEX BIO and BIO.B) is now offering a new general chemistry program with monthly data submission through Bio-Rad's External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS).

Bio-Rad’s EQAS monthly clinical chemistry program is an external quality assessment program designed for laboratories that prefer to test samples and submit data only once-per-month. Data may be submitted by e-mail, fax or mail for up to 28 analytes. Participants receive regular reports with informative statistical analyses and valuable peer group comparisons.

A comprehensive End of Cycle Report provides an overall assessment of imprecision and bias over the entire 12-month cycle. Special reports are available on request